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The Village Players of Lausanne

The Village Players is an English language theatre group based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We put on two theatrical productions a year for the public in  Lausanne. Members and non-member guest have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of monthly events at our clubhouse at the Centre Pluriculturel et Social d’Ouchy in the heart of Lausanne. For a brief history of The Village Players, click here.

The Village Players are a friendly and informal group who have been entertaining themselves and others in the Lausanne area with amateur theatre, music, song and dance for the last 30 years. In addition to the wonderful public productions the group puts on each year, members have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of monthly events including play readings, poetry recitals, musical evenings and social events.

What do The Village Players offer you?

A warm welcome in our friendly Anglophone environment where you can act, sing, help backstage, produce, direct or become involved in one of the many activities of amateur theatre. Or, like many when they first join the VPs, simply relax and let other members do the entertaining. Then who knows? You’d be surprised how many have taken their first steps on the boards with us.


Each month we hold an evening created by the members. This can be a rehearsed play reading, music, song and dance, poetry, improvisations or whatever our imaginative members can suggest. These are normally held in the CPO with its private theatre and bar. We also have several social occasions during the year, including a summer BBQ and Christmas party.


Every spring and autumn, we put on a full-length production at one of the many small theatres in the Lausanne area. Members organise all aspects of these shows including directing, acting, costumes, scenery and stage management and we are always on the lookout for people who would be interested in taking part, with or without experience in these areas.

Village Players Information

Known as the VPI, this is our monthly newsletter, circulated to all members, which tells you what events are planned, contains requests for volunteers and information about auditions, and generally keeps all the members in touch with what’s happening in The Village Players.


Please contact us at: info@villageplayers.ch

Data Privacy Policy

European Union Personal Data Protection

The European Union have issued new rules concerning the protection of personal data
with draconian penalties for infringements that have become law for countries within
the European Union.

Although the majority of the Village Players membership are Swiss residents and
protected by Swiss data protection laws, some of the Village Players membership live in
France. Therefore, with the above mentioned penalties in mind and to be on the safe
side, the Village Players of Lausanne issue the following the policy statement:

Village Players of Lausanne Privacy Policy

To operate effectively the Village Players of Lausanne, (hence forward in this policy to be
known as the Club)
, needs to hold sufficient personal information to administer the club
and communicate with its members. To do so, each member gives the Club use of
personal data vis., name, postal address, email address, phone number and permission
to take photographs.

A member may see any of their personal data held by the Club or withdraw permission
for the Club to collect, store or use all or part of their personal data.

Suspected data breaches should be reported immediately to the Membership Secretary
who will take appropriate action.

The Club, its office holders and members, will;

• Use member’s personal data only for the purposes of club administration, notifying members of events, providing information of interest to members and aiding contact between members.
• Keep personal data secure with access to it being on a “need to know” basis.
• Not sell or use personal data for commercial purposes and not provide contact details or personal information to others without the individual’s permission.
• Destroy any member’s personal data held when that member requests the Club to do so or when the information is no longer required to support club membership.

The Club will contact members by electronic means (such as email or the Club website),
telephone, or written notice or letter. If a member does not wish to receive
communication from the Club through any of these means, they should inform the
Membership Secretary. That could result in restrictions on information passed to that

To clarify:

The Club will no longer issue lists of Club member’s details to members of the Club as a matter of course, as these personal details might inadvertently get into the wrong hands.

However, upon request the Club Membership Secretary will provide the email address only, of a full club member to another full club member on a need to know basis.
Any general information sent by the Club to the Club membership via email will be copied BCC and not CC, thus avoiding any inadvertent display of Club member’s details.

Any general information sent by the Club to the Club membership via email will be copied BCC and not CC, thus avoiding any inadvertent display of Club member’s details.

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