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Who are our members?
Everyone is welcome to join The Village Players whether you are attracted by the theatre aspect or simply wish to take part in the more social side of the group. Although we are an English-speaking group, we include a wide range of accents from all over the world and encourage non-native English speakers to come along either to take part or just to socialise. Whatever role you wish to play at The Village Players, be it actor, director, writer, singer, organiser, handyman or perhaps spectator,there’s certainly a place for you.
Becoming a member is the best way to help support The Village Players. By becoming a member you help us put on all of our events and productions throughout the year. Members also have the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting which helps determine where The Village Players are going next.
Membership Rates

Full, 26-and-over: 85 Francs
Full, 25-and-under: 50 Francs
Short, 26-and-over: 35 Francs
Short, 25-and-under: 20 Francs

We also offer a 3-month membership for those who would like to participate in our productions without committing to full membership.
Short-term memberships are available for the following periods:

September – November
December – February
March – May

You’ll receive additional information about membership and subscriptions upon registration, which you can do by sending to:

Our Account Information is as follows:

The Village Players
℅ chemin du Crêt, 12B – 1026 Echandens
Compte: 10-20365-1
IBAN: CH71 0900 0000 1002 0365 1

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